3 Rivers Medium

Mediumship Readings:

Looking to connect with the Spirit World? Erica can connect you with your loved ones and pets whom have crossed over to the Heavens above. Erica will provide you with validations that only you and the Spirit with which she is communicating with would know. It's a reading full of Love & Light. She records all readings whether in person or over the phone so you can have it forever to listen back to.

( Phone, FaceTime, or Skype)

30 Minutes: $100.00

1 Hour: $175.00

(In Person Reading)

30 Minutes: $150.00 

60 Minutes: $200.00

(For Los Angeles clients add a $30.00 travel fee if over 12 miles away)

Couples Readings (60 minutes) : $250.00

(Readings over the Phone, FaceTime, or Skype are the same as in person. Erica can still conncect you with your loved ones)