3 Rivers Medium

life can be difficult to navigate and understand, and relationships can be the hardest part.  Rev. Erica Altmiller the 3 Rivers Medium is a natural born clairvoyant psychic medium who can provide clarity and insight into the people who enter your life, and the situations that result. If you have a particular question or are just unclear about your life, you'll find a reading or session with Rev. Erica Altmiller incredibly freeing, informative, and fulfilling. Connecting with deceased loved ones can help give you the closure you have been searching for.

       Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Readings


15 minutes: $50.00

30 Minutes: $80.00

30-45 Minutes: $ 90.00

60 Minutes: $ 120.00

Couples Readings: $150.00

Prices are subjet to change

*One other option that is not listed is that I can travel to your location throughout the U. S. Please call or e-mail me for details.